Donation of Works

Inspire Healing

Thanks to artists’ and collectors’ generosity, the Art for Healing Foundation can fulfill its mission of bringing art into healthcare institutions. In moments of vulnerability, art heals with its beauty and comforts through its deep humanity. 

If you would like to submit a work now and contribute to art’s healing power, get it touch with us.

A Symbiosis between Art and Space

In collaboration with healthcare institutions, we carefully assess each piece submitted to ensure that it fits their mission and resonates with their clientele. That way, the donated works are installed directly in a place that suits them without going into storage.

We honour every donation by thoughtfully showcasing it. The work is framed, if necessary, and accompanied by a plaque with the artist’s name, its title, the medium, the year of creation and the donor’s name. We also ensure the pieces’ security and longevity in their public exhibition spaces.

The works we favour, whether they’re paintings, lithographs or photographs, are those whose subject, composition or colours inspire serenity, comfort and contemplation.

Themed Galleries

When a donation includes a number of works by the same artist, we install them as a themed gallery to highlight his or her story and work. The Joseph Prezament Gallery at the Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre in Montreal is an excellent example.

Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre

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How to Contribute?

The involvement needed from donors is minimal. The first step is simply to get in touch with us by email or phone. To make the process easier, we recommend preparing artwork proposals in advance by gathering the following information:

We will then walk you through our easy, efficient process. If an institution selects your creation, we’ll handle the framing (if necessary) and the transportation and installation costs. You won’t be asked to pay any fees, and the process is usually completed in less than three months.

Sadly, most artwork remains in storage. Let’s take this opportunity to put them in the spotlight and share their beauty with those who need it most.

Give new life to your work and inspire healing.