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Foundation and Commitment 

What is the foundation’s mission?

The Art for Healing Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring the healing power of art to hospitals and other wellness facilities. We collect and install artworks that transform these places into inspiring environments that encourage a sense of hope and serenity for patients, their families and healthcare teams.

Is art therapeutic?

Yes. Project after project, we witness the power of art on the healing process. This fascinating subject has been the subject of a number of books, including Creative Healing: How to Heal Yourself by Tapping Your Hidden Creativity.

In this book, Michael Samuels, M.D., and Mary Rockwood Lane, R.N., M.S.N., show that art significantly alters physiology and mindsets, fostering relaxation and inspiration rather than stress and fear. Art influences the autonomic nervous system, hormonal balance and brain neurotransmitters, improving immune responses and overall organ health. Furthermore, art profoundly shifts perceptions, emotions and experiences of pain. This reduces the need for medication, lowers blood pressure, and inspires positivity and resilience. The transformation can be seen both in individuals’ perceptions of well-being and in the public perception of healthcare quality.

How can I support the Foundation?

You can make a meaningful contribution to the Art for Healing Foundation with these three concrete actions.

Donate Art

The Foundation fulfills its mission thanks to the generosity of artists and collectors who donate their work. See our Art Donations section for more information.

Make a Monetary Donation

The funds raised support various stages of some projects, such as framing, transportation costs and installation.

Become a volunteer

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to benefit from the talents and help of wonderful volunteers for a variety of activities, such as photography, fundraising and transportation. Contact us, and tell us how you would like to get involved.

How can I make a financial contribution?

There are two ways to help fund the Foundation’s activities.


Donations can be made by cheque, payable to the Art for Healing Foundation and mailed to the following address: 90 Vinet Street, Suite 105 Montreal, Quebec H3J 2C9. The Foundation will send you a tax receipt.

Online with a credit card

Visit our official fundraising page at CanadaHelps. CanadaHelps will send you a tax receipt.