Artwork donations

Artwork selection

What types of art do you accept?

We accept two-dimensional artwork in all media, including painting, lithography, photography, among many others.

What are the selection criteria for the works?

The works of art are selected based on various criteria set by the healthcare institution in line with their mission.

They most often seek works that inspire calm, comfort, and contemplation.

Which artists do you accept?

The Foundation focuses on art itself rather than artists.

We welcome pieces by artists whose work stands out for its quality, whether they are professional, well established or emerging, from Canada or abroad. The Foundation is committed to carefully considering each work submitted.

Display and Protection

How do you showcase artists and artwork?

In addition to a professional-level installation, including framing when needed, every displayed work features a plaque with the artist’s name, the title, the medium, the year and the donor’s name.

When the same artist submits multiple works, we install them in thematic galleries. A detailed plaque is installed to present the artist and highlight his or her career.

Depending on the project, we organize a vernissage, where artists and donors are the guests of honour.

Will the artwork be framed?

Yes, if necessary. We always do quality work that showcases every donated piece.

Can I choose where my work will be exhibited?

Collaborative work is important to us, and we will take your request into account. However, we can’t make any promises because we must also consider each institution’s criteria and needs.

Are the works protected?

Yes. We’re aware of the issues associated with exhibiting artwork in public places and put in place measures to ensure the security and preservation of the displayed works.

Process and terms

What is the process for donating a work?

The first step is to contact us. We will then walk you through our process. If we choose your work, we’ll handle transportation, framing (if necessary) and installation. We usually complete this work in less than three months.

Email us, or call us at 514 846-3811.

Will I need to pay any costs (framing, transportation or installation)?

For donors, the entire process is free of charge. We’ll handle transportation, framing (if necessary) and installation.

Where do you keep the works?

The Foundation doesn’t collect artwork for storage. We act as intermediaries between donors and institutions. Once the work is chosen, we handle transportation, framing (if necessary) and installation. We usually complete this work in less than three months.

Once the donation has been made, who owns the work?

Because it’s a donation, the work no longer belongs to the donor. However, the artist retains the intellectual property rights and copyrights.

Will I get a tax receipt?

Yes. Your tax receipt is based on an appraisal of the artwork at fair market value.

Please note that these tax receipts are considered in-kind contributions. We recommend confirming the tax benefits with your financial or accounting advisor.

How do you determine a work’s value?

We use gallery owners as well as professional appraisers.