Healthcare institutions

Eligibility of Healthcare Institutions

What are the eligibility criteria for institutions to receive a donation?

Our mission is specifically dedicated to public healthcare and social services institutions. We work closely with hospitals, long-term care homes (CHSLDs), local community service centres (CLSCs), youth centres and rehabilitation centres.

We also work with non-profit organizations (NPOs), such as addiction treatment centres and women’s shelters.

For-profit and private institutions are ineligible.

Works of Art

Can we choose the works to be exhibited?

Yes. Our mission is fuelled by the collaborative work that enriches each project. Together, we find works that reflect your mission and inspire your patients, their families and your healthcare team.

Are the works protected?

Yes. We’re aware of the issues associated with exhibiting artwork in public places, particularly in certain units, and put in place measures to ensure the security and preservation of the displayed works.

Process and Terms

For healthcare institutions, what is the application process?

The first step is to get in touch with us. After discussing your needs and a site visit (when possible), we’ll walk you through our process, which includes the search, selection, transportation and installation of the works.

Contact us by email, or call us at 514 846-3811.

How long do projects last?

Typically, your involvement in a project lasts two to three months.

Who handles the installation?

The Foundation oversees every step of transportation, framing (if necessary) and installation.

Who is responsible for maintaining the artwork?

As the artwork’s owner, the institution is responsible for maintenance. We provide guidelines and are available to assist you as needed (some fees apply).


Are there any fees associated with the art?

No, they are donations. There is no fee for acquiring the artwork. Once installed, they become the institution’s property.

Are there any expenses involved?

Yes. Institutions are responsible for covering project costs, such as transportation, framing (if necessary) and installation.

Financial assistance may be possible for smaller organizations.