Jewish General Hospital

Dear Gary & Earl,

It has been a great pleasure to work with your foundation to recreate our acute care Child Psychiatry setting at the Jewish General Hospital. Your generous gift of artwork has brought a stimulating, warm and welcoming ambience that lifts the morale of our families, children and staff.

Our child clients have been inspired to work with art mediums, expanding both their understanding of art and curiosity about visual language in art making. Our staff have also been unanimously positive, commenting on the friendly calming impact of the works. They feel supported in using art as a facilitating process in therapy, as we have always promoted art making, music and drama on our units.

Thank you for this invaluable support to facilitate healing amongst fragile and distressed families. We very much appreciate your efforts to bring aesthetic solace in a milieu that struggles daily with distress of mental health work.
Dr. Jaswant Gudzer – Head of Child Psychiatry, Jewish General Hospital